My Ph.D. Students

What’s Here?

This is a page about my current and former Ph.D. students. Training and interacting with students is one of the more rewarding aspects of my career. As the list below indicates I have had the opportunity to work with a number of interesting, talented people who pursued a variety of research projects. If you are interested in conflict processes and are considering attending FSU to pursue your Ph.D. you may want to contact some of them to solicit their opinion about what I am like as an advisor.


Students Working on their PhD Students with their PhD
Kimberly Frugè Casey Delehanty (2016)
M. Scott Meachum (2016)
Ryan M. Welch (2015)
Jillienne Haglund (2014)
Christine Mele (2013)
Andreas Beger (2012)
Daniel W. Hill, Jr. (2012)
Daniel Milton (2012)
Sunhee Park (2012)
Patrick Armshaw (2011)
Jeffrey R. Weber (2010)
Courtenay R. Conrad (2010)
Robert L. Parrillo (2009)
Jacqueline H.R. DeMeritt (2009)
Joseph K. Young (2008)
Kürşad Turan (2005)
Andrew G. Long (2004)
Stephen M. Shellman (2003)
John A. Tures (2000)
Ronny Lindström (1996)
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Current Students

  • Kimberly Frugè (kfruge @
    • Started fall 2015.
    • Interests: Human rights, political violence, institutions, research methods.

I am also serving as a committee member on the following students’ dissertations:

Students Who Have Earned their PhD

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