Graduate Courses

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Graduate Courses Page

What’s Here?

This page contains:

1. The graduate courses I teach (including syllabi, student evaluations (where available) and some assignments). You can also find some student ratings of my courses at the Rate My Professors website.

2. Advice

Graduate Courses

I teach the following courses. The hyperlinks are to the syllabus for a given course and students’ evaluations of the courses.

Advice (for what it’s worth)

Advice on Being a Graduate Student

It’s All Latin to Me

Advice on Comprehensive Exams

Advice on Publishing Articles

Advice on Dissertations

Advice on the Job Market


If you have any comments, suggestions, complaints, etc. about one (or more) of my courses (e.g., what readings did you really like or think ought to be removed?), I’d love to hear them. We really don’t get much feedback through the student evaluations.

Also, if you have any feedback about this page, I’d like to hear that too. My email address is below.


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