Human Rights

W.H. Moore’s Human Rights Research Page

This page contains Adobe PDF files of my work on human rights.

  • What Stops the Torture?,” Courtenay Ryals Conrad & Will H. Moore, American Journal of Political Science, 54(2): 459-476, 2010.
  • “Waterboarding in a Democracy? Torture, Political Threats and the Palliative Impact of Democratic Institutions,” Christian Davenport, Will H. Moore, & Dave Armstrong, unpublished working paper, July 2008.
  • “Risk Factors for Forced Migrant Flight,” Jacqueline H. Rubin & Will H. Moore, Conflict Management & Peace Science, 24(2):85-104, 2007.
    • The replication data is available as study #1319 at the ICPSR’s Publication Related Archive.

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