Violent Intranational Conflict Data Project

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The Violent Intranational Conflict Data Project (VICDP) was created by Will H. Moore in 1992 to produce events data for the study of violent intranational conflict. The project produced data for five cases

  • Colombia
  • Nigeria
  • Peru
  • Sri Lanka
  • Zimbabwe

covering the years 1955-1991. In addition, some data were collected for both Lebanon and the Phillipines.

Articles that use VICDP data:

  • Moore, Will H. 2000. “The Repression of Dissent: A Substitution Model of Government Coercion,” Journal of Conflict Resolution, February, forthcoming.
  • Moore, Will H. 1998. “Repression and Dissent: Substitution, Context, and Timing,” American Journal of Political Science, 42:851-873.
  • Moore, Will H. 1995. “Action–Reaction or Rational Expectations: Reciprocity and the Domestic–International Conflict Nexus During the ‘Rhodesia Problem,'” Journal of Conflict Resolution, 39:129-167.

VICDP received financial support from the Institute for Global Conflict and Cooperation (IGCC) and the Academic Senate of the University of California, Riverside.

Please Note: VICDP has been superseded by the Intranational Political Interactions (IPI) Project.

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