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What is the Minorities at Risk Project?

The Minorities at Risk project was created by Ted Robert Gurr (University of Maryland) to enable scholars and policy makers to be able to systematically study and come to better understand the extent to which communal groups are “at risk” in today’s world. For a project overview, please see:

Ted Robert Gurr. 1993. Minorities at Risk, Washington: United States Institute of Peace.

See also Professor Gurr’s 1994 Presidential Address to the International Studies Association:

Ted Robert Gurr. 1994. “Peoples Against States,” International Studies Quarterly, 38(3):347-377.

Data Sets

The Minorities at Risk project has produced three data sets to help people study ethnic conflict behavior and patterns. The data are described briefly below.

Phase I

Phase I of the data is described in Gurr’s (1993) book and a Codebook by Shin-wha Lee that comes with the data. The data consist of 261 demographic, grievance, behavior and other variables that are coded for 233 communal groups circa 1985.

I have used the Phase I data in 3 published studies:

  • 1997 “Ethnopolitical Rebellion: A Cross-sectional Analysis of the 1980s with Risk Assessments for the 1990s,” Ted Robert Gurr and Will H. Moore, American Journal of Political Science, 41(4):1079-1103.
  • 1997 “Ethnicity Matters: Transnational Ethnic Alliances and Foreign Policy Behavior,” David R. Davis and Will H. Moore, International Studies Quarterly, 41(1):171-184.
  • 1995 “Deprived, Rational or Both? `Why Minorities Rebel’ Revisited,” Ronny Lindström and Will H. Moore, Journal of Political and Military Sociology, 23 (Winter):167-190.

Phase II

This is a data set on genocides and politicides collected by Barbara Harff and Ted Robert Gurr. It generates chronologies of several cases of genocide and politicide and also produces coded data on several of the variables described in:

Barbara Harff. 1994. “A Theoretical Model of Genocides and Politicides,”The Journal of Ethno-Development, 4(1):25-30.

For more information, please contact Professor Harff at:

, or

Department of Political Science
United States Naval Academy
Annapolis, MD 21402

301/267-3261 (voice)

Phase III

Phase III of the data was completed were deposited at  the Interuniversity Consortium for Political and Social Research (ICPSR, University of Michigan).

The data are similar to the Phase I data except that it is coded for 1990-95 and there are many new groups coded. In addition, some new variables have been added and other have been dropped.

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