Brief Bio

Will H. Moore‘s research focuses on dissident–state interactions: human rights, coercion, protest, rebellion, repression, terror.  He is particularly interested in how political institutions (the popular franchise, legislatures, courts, and civil and political rights) impact those interactions, and in escalatory and de-escalatory dynamics.  He is also a student of the norms and institutions embraced by scientific communities.  You can learn more at his research page, his Google Scholar profile, his SSRN page, and his dataverse site.

He joined the faculty of the School of Politics & Global Studies at Arizona State in Fall of 2015. He holds a PhD from the University of Colorado (1991), and previously taught at University of California, Riverside (1991-1997) and Florida State University (1997-2015).  He was a Visiting Research Fellow, Kroc Center for International Peace, Notre Dame (2011-12) and Visiting Fellow at The Insitute of Quanttitative and Theoretical Methods at Emory University (2015). The 2013-14 President of the Peace Science Society (International) he was also 2014-15 Vice President of Human Rights Section of the American Political Science Association.  He co-directs the Conflict Consortium, and was a founder of the Citizen Media Evidence Research Partnership.  He is an editor and contributor to Political Violence @ a Glance blog.  From 2007-2013 he was a quality control volunteer for Florida State football, concentrating on opponent scouting, and since late 2016 he has been a member of The Improvisors who perform at The Comedy Spot in Scottsdale, AZ.



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